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***NEW*** July 2019 Bank of Canada Benchmark Qualifying Rate Change
July 2018 Prime Rate Change
May 2018 “Qualifying Rate Change”
January 2018 OSFI “Stress Test Changes”
Update #2 Oct 30: Oct 2017 OSFI Changes to Mortgage Lending Rules
Oct 2016 Changes to Mortgage Lending Rules 
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Verifying Your Down Payment – What You Need To Know
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*NEW* CMHC Home Buying Guide
CMHC Condominium Buyers’ Guide
CMHC Homebuying Workbook
Mortgage Comparison Tool (
Rent vs. Buy Calculator
Mortgage Broker Consumer Guide 2015 (external link to digital media)
How much does it cost to break a mortgage? (Globe and Mail Video)
The hidden trap of mortgage penalties at the big banks
What is Title Insurance and Why Would I Need It?
Don’t judge a bank’s mortgage by its hyped-up rate
Five Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker (.pdf from B2B Bank)