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***NEW*** May 2018 “Qualifying Rate Change”
January 2018 OSFI “Stress Test Changes”
Update #2 Oct 30: Oct 2017 OSFI Changes to Mortgage Lending Rules
Oct 2016 Changes to Mortgage Lending Rules 
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Verifying Your Down Payment – What You Need To Know
Bank of Canada

Credit Bureau (Equifax Canada)
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Canada Revenue Agency, (order your NOAs: requires Line 101 and takes 5 – 10 days to get Access Code)
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*NEW* CMHC Home Buying Guide
CMHC Condominium Buyers’ Guide
CMHC Homebuying Workbook
Mortgage Comparison Tool (taxtips.ca)
Rent vs. Buy Calculator
Mortgage Broker Consumer Guide 2015 (external link to digital media)
How much does it cost to break a mortgage? (Globe and Mail Video)
The hidden trap of mortgage penalties at the big banks
What is Title Insurance and Why Would I Need It?
Don’t judge a bank’s mortgage by its hyped-up rate
Five Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker (.pdf from B2B Bank)